3D Printing

Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, is a manufacturing process that creates a product from layers of material that are fused together, one layer at a time.


Material Process Cost Description
PLA FDM $ An affordable biodegradable plastic for non-intensive prototyping.
ABS FDM $ ABS provides better mechanical and thermal abilities compared to PLA, but with less defined details.
Resin SLA $$ SLA combines high quality, injection-mold like parts with the fast production time of additive manufacturing.


Process Materials Cost Description
FDM PLA, ABS $ FDM layers heated plastic onto a flat bed to “build-up” the final product. It is a low-cost and rapid prototyping tool.
SLA Resin $$ SLA uses a laser to solidify certain layers in a resin pool. It creates a good surface finish with plenty of detail, and offers many different types of resins with different characteristics.
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